Monitoring and evaluating grant-funded projects 

Youth Music is a national charity that works towards ensuring that music-making and the benefits that it can bring is accessible to all young people including those in challenging circumstances. To achieve its vision, Youth Music funds hundreds of projects every year. We are evaluating the Fund C grants, which focus on direct delivery and strategic work. 
As external evaluators we have been analysing and assessing the reports produced by the grant-holders and other monitoring data in order to create an annual summary report for Youth Music and wider audiences. We have also carried out primary research to complement the self-evaluation activities carried out by the grant-holders, including the regional impact of the grant-holder organisations’ activity. The research activities included depth phone interviews with the leads of music education hubs local to each grant-holder. 

Crucially we have helped Youth Music to refine its evaluation and monitoring systems. As well as acting as advisors and consultants to the central team we also carried out training for grant officers and programme assessors to ensure consistency of approach and good understanding of refined systems by all relevant staff within the organisation. 

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