Our client relationships

Strong, collaborative relationships with our clients are the key to our success. Clients return to us year on year for their research and evaluation needs.


Our expertise and knowledge

Clients value our specialist knowledge and understanding of their markets, audiences and wider issues. This expertise informs our approach and analysis resulting in better insights and a clearer direction.


The best methods

We can work with you to design a bespoke research approach that answers your specific questions. For in-depth understanding of experiences, needs and behaviours, we use qualitative methods including group discussions, individual interviews, online forums, and participatory research – an innovative approach described in a recent blog.

We are also experts in designing surveys and interpreting data. We go beyond the top-line figures to analyse meaningful trends and identify the implications for your organisation.


Research with impact

Our work doesn’t stop when we hand over our report. To ensure our findings make a real difference, we offer clear recommendations and support for the next steps – from developing strategies and communications to delivering health interventions and producing education resources.

Our editorial expertise means we can present our findings according to your needs – whether a summary for an annual report, a Powerpoint presentation for a board meeting, or an accessible report for stakeholders.


Our values

Underpinning all our work – and vital to our success – are our core values. We are:

  • collaborative and responsive in the way we work with clients

  • committed to helping clients achieve their goals

  • passionate about education and making a difference to communities

  • transparent in the way we run our business and conduct research

  • expert at researching our sectors and supporting social impact

  • insightful and able to offer clients a clear direction.