In spring 2016, Chrysalis Research, in partnership with Hopscotch Consulting, was commissioned to carry out a strategic review of THINK! Education for the Department for Transport (DfT). As part of this project,

Chrysalis Research carried out a literature and wider evidence review focused on road safety education (RSE), programmes and resources that support it and what makes them effective. Specifically, it explored: 

  • Recent changes to road safety education context

  • Principles and features of best safety and road safety education practice

  • Psychological models and techniques which need to be taken into account when delivering RSE in order to support attitudinal and behavioral change in young people

During this project Chrysalis Research also carried out a series of national consultation and primarily research activities with:

  • School teachers and leaders

  • Young people

  • Parents

  • Road safety officers

  • Professionals from other local authority and emergency services

  • School nurses and other health professionals

  • Out of school group leaders

Our research became the foundation for the new THINK! Education strategy.

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