Pilot evaluation for the Prince William Award

SkillForce is a national education charity offering sessions led by ex-service personnel to primary and secondary school pupils. SkillForce designed and launched a programme which targets different attributes, skills and behaviours that comprise character. The Prince William Award is being piloted during the 2016-17 academic year in around 35 schools in England, Scotland and Wales. Of these, 27 schools across the UK are involved in the process and impact evaluation carried out by Chrysalis Research.

The comprehensive, year-long research activities include qualitative and quantitative research as well as secondary data analysis. We are currently completing the fieldwork, which includes case study visits to schools, telephone interviews and online surveys. We have collected data from instructors, teachers, parents and participating pupils to understand the value of the programme and the impacts it has on young people. 

The research has been integral to demonstrating the impact of the programme and in giving SkillForce the confidence to proceed with a wider roll-out later this year. It has helped understand schools’ motivations for taking part, their expectations and aspirations as well as the emerging strengths of the programme and areas that might require refinement prior to wider rollout.

A huge thank you to all at Chrysalis Research for this excellent, positive and uplifting report on your early findings in relation to the SkillForce Character Award. We are very grateful to you for the dedication, professionalism and care you have invested in this project
— Ben Slade: Chief Executive, SkillForce

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